Bathing in Sea Light



Silicon Bronze, Hot Patina

Dimensions & Info

L. 19.5 inches - 50 cms
H. 9.5 inches - 24 cms
W. 9.5 inches - 24 cms
Limited Ed. of 10 + 1AP

Under surrealist influences, Koegler's exuberant imagination circles the feminine nude in this work with four giant turquoise fishes swimming in unpictured waters. The fish, a symbol of the divine source of life in the Egyptian Osiris myth, seems unleashed straight from the artist's unconscious in this composition. The sitter's head leans dreamily toward the back, eyes closed, and the candid gesture of caressing her stomach might indicate an embryonic pregnancy. A solid connection to nature resonates in this absorbing portrayal of plenitude.

Eileen KoeglerSCULPTOR