Passing Time



Silicon Bronze, Hot Patina

Dimensions & Info

L. 11.5 inches - 29 cms
H. 21.5 inches - 55 cms
W. 8.5 inches - 22 cms
Limited Ed. of 10 + 1AP

The artist evokes, in this work, the idea of languishing time. A happy- go-lucky boy throws stones from a cliff into the turbulent ocean. Hidden at first glance, the key to understanding this plastic lies in celebrating the three-dimensionality of the sculptural medium. Koegler invites the public to experience the statue from every angle to discover in its back an unexpected hourglass in bas-relief that suggestively recalls the inexorable finitude of life. The narrative earns coherence by realizing that the stone the young boy holds was taken from that same hourglass indicating the passage of time. Koegler's artistic milieu illustrates her search for creative expression, inspired by a unique understanding of human existence.

Eileen KoeglerSCULPTOR