Silicon Bronze, Hot Patina

Dimensions & Info

L. 19 inches - 39 cms
H. 6 inches - 15 cms
W. 8 inches - 20 cms
Limited Ed. of 10 + 1AP

Sublime and delicate, this sculpture portrays the feminine duality between fragility and resilience. The Klein-blue patina highlights the skin's vulnerability, while the naked metal contours of the cavities point out this bronze's fundamental solid matter, hidden by its airy appearance. The illusory lightness of the hollow torso seems to epitomize the piece's fundamental contradictions: unbreakable but broken. In a perfectly achieved representational isolation of the moment, gravity forces shape the twisted woman's waist modeling her breast with mastery in the hand of the artist. With its textured and complex narrative, Koegler reflects critically on the challenges women face today, achieving a visual grammar filled with emptiness.

Eileen KoeglerSCULPTOR