Looking for My Toys



Silicon Bronze, Hot Patina

Dimensions & Info

L. 11.5 inches - 28 cms
H. 12 inches - 31 cms
W. 9.5 inches - 24 cms
Limited Ed. of 10 + 1AP

With the finesse of details, this statue instills a sense of nostalgia in the viewer. It is inspired by a snapshot Koegler took in Morocco of a little girl standing alone who touched the artist's soul with her penetrating gaze. Baring her technical mastery, Koegler built the narrative on a 360- degree perspective, anchored on a fragmentary, highly textured piece of architecture. Rotating around the work, lost toys are revealed, completing the story’s plot while acknowledging the intrinsic characteristic of the medium.

Eileen KoeglerSCULPTOR