Garden Lady



Silicon Bronze, Hot Patina

Dimensions & Info

L. 10 inches - 25 cms
H. 14.5 inches - 37 cms
W. 9 inches - 23 cms
Limited Ed. of 10 + 1AP

Garden Woman represents a beautiful, curvy mother during her puerperium. Koegler deliberately imprints green leaves and flower motifs on her bronze skin, celebrating the feminine connection to nature through motherhood. Inspired by her journeys to Cambodia, where nature appropriates objects, the artist recreates vertical wrapping vegetation involving the sculpture, honoring its magical power of transformation. A mysterious opening at the heart's place recalls Salvador Dali's Venus de Milo with Drawers (1936), symbolizing the secrecy of the human psyche, in general, and of her model, in particular.

Eileen KoeglerSCULPTOR